Podcast 49: How to travel like James Bond…on a budget!

January 28, 2016

This week we talk with Melissa about 'Women with Wanderlust' (a guide to Roaming), her book that will be published at the end of February. After travelling to 40 countries and often being asked how she's done it on a budget, Melissa decided to "Do Something Different" and write down her memories, her tips and tricks for women who share her irresistible urge to travel. She loves Cambodia and she's made all here in the Thelma & Louise team want to go to Taiwan!


Podcast 48: Lucy our real life Jean Jack Cousteau!

January 19, 2016
This week we speak to Lucy, who has recently published the Barbados Dive Guide. She is fascinated by Jean Jack Cousteau and his underwater adventures. She knew from the  moment she tried diving for the first time it was going to change her life forever. She now lives in Barbados, where she trained and became a diving instructor. She also contributes to marine conservation projects and has her own school for underwater photography. She tells us about coral, how global warming is influencing the underwater life and why you should consider diving this year and, in particular, why you should dive in Barbados.

Podcast 47: Venus the Travelling Goddess

December 15, 2015

This week we speak to Julie from Venus Adventures, a travel company that organises women only adventure trips. Julie lives to travel and is constantly on the move. She left New Zealand as an 18 year old travel to Germany so that she could learn to speak the language. Since then, life has moved from one adventure to the next. She is currently living in Egypt, spending her days learning to freedive, drinking tea with the Bedouins, teaching their children English, learning Arabic and soaking up their culture.

In this podcast Julie tells us about  3 special trips  she has planned for 2016: Namibia and Botswana, Cinque Terre Italy and Morocco. Like the sound of that? Join her and other female travel buddies.


Podcast 46: Retirement can be a big happy adventure when you have travel buddies

December 1, 2015

This week we speak to Maggie about finding travel buddies on thelmandlouise.com, MeetUps and a year of travel plans with one trip leading on to the next. She is literally jumping from trip to trip!

From hearing about Thelma & Louise Club on BBC Radio 4, to meeting her first travel buddy on the site for a coffee and then booking the tickets to India on the very same day, there has been no stopping her. 'Retirement is wonderful' says Maggie.


Podcast 45: How I got together a group of 11 ladies to go to Cuba with me

November 17, 2015

This week we speak to Suzan, AKA AegeanPricess, a British lady working as a Tour Manager in Greece. As with so many of our members her husband is too busy and has no interest in travelling. So that didn't stop her. Suzan signed up to thelmandlouise.com, put together an itinerary for Cuba and in no time people signed up to join her on the trip. To get to know each other, the group met in Manchester and will meet again in Birmingham before they go. Her trip was actually oversubscribed, so there is now a second group going to Cuba!

You can do it too if you are on the look out for a travel buddy or two (or even a group)! Suzan suggests that you complete your profile, put a picture up and be enthusiastic about the trip when someone enquires about it. 

We look forward to seeing some postcards from Cuba, meanwhile here are some other trip ideas for Central America. Join in or start your own!


Podcast 44: with Lt Col Louise about bossing men around, the day a hippo ate her canoe and promoting champagne around the world

November 10, 2015

This week we speak to Louise about her time in the British Army, organising training trips for solders, embracing sky diving and paragliding, mountaineering, cycling across Australia, canoeing along the Zambezi river and escaping a rather hungry hippo. She also travelled around the world promoting champagne using unusual ways of transport and did a vertical marathon running up the stairs inside a hotel!

Like the sound of that? Join other Thelma & Louise members on adventurous trips for dogsledding in NorwayAfrican SafariBackpacking through South IndiaCycle Europe and Sailing, Hiking and Surfing in Australia.

Podcast 43: 25 years of heritage travelling with Voyager Vicki

October 20, 2015

This week we speak to Vicki, an avid voyager from Washington in the US. She is celebrating an important milestone - 25 years as a heritage traveller. She tells us how it all started with a first trip to Ireland and from there to Spain and then the rest of Europe.

On her travels Vicki has visited 77 countries on 6 continents and she still has a lot more to see. She loves festivals, events and museums, and says that she has probably been to more museums than anyone else in the world.

Vicki tells us about her love for the Hispanic culture and the best places to start.

Like the sound of that? Join other Thelma & Louise members on trips to SpainCentral AmericaPeru and Costa Rica and Mexico.


Podcast 42: Going overland with Emma: Holland to Singapore and Brazil to Canada

October 6, 2015

This week we spoke with Emma, who is one of the most adventurous overland travellers we've met so far. She had her first taste of an overland adventure at 18 when she interrailed through Europe for a month visiting an insane number of places. She decided there and then that this was going to be a life long adventure and she became a travel writer. After travelling over land from Holland to Singapore she found the next big stretch of road and went off for one year travelling from Brazil to Canada. She tells us about the most dangerous roads in the world, driving through the Atacama desert, flying over the Nazca lines, touching whales and then on to Panama.

She writes a fantastic blog at overlandtraveller.com

Emma has also written a few articles on Thelma & Louise. You can read about This fall lover has autumnal breaks on the mind, Supporting our sisters in sport! , This mother is redefining adventurous childhoods, 5 learning holidays to plan this year, 4 women who inspire us to travel, 5 Apps to help you stay in touch on the road, Social media, travel and me and 5 Hotels for a special treat.


Podcast 41: Co-musing with Dawn about travel and Hopes for Iraq

September 29, 2015

This week we talk to Dawn from California, who together with her husband started Comuse Travels to engage people's travel dreams through the objects they wear and the products they co-muse with. Dawn is a professor at her local University where she teaches Middle Eastern studies. In this podcast she tells us why she cares so much for this part of the world, her meetings with various leaders in the Middle East, the judge that condemned Sadam Hussain to death, and a social program to promote women's education in Iraq. You can also check out her Facebook page Hope Iraq to learn more.


Podcast 40: The uncomfortable truth about women in South Sudan

September 15, 2015
This week we talked to Megan, a human rights lawyer from Canada, who has just came back from a refugee camp in South Sudan where she was working with reporttheabuse.org to protect women against gender based sexual violence. She told us how women in Rwanda and South Sudan are used as a tool to hurt and break up communities, as a result of various clan clashes. The work that Megan has done in South Sudan is pretty extraordinary and we are filled with admiration for her dedication and the love for law and other people that this experience has sparked for her.
As women we are always exposed to violence from men and at the Thelma & Louise Club we believe that women should not travel alone especially to some parts of the world. Our love of travel helps us gain a greater understanding of the world, and we care about other people and cultures that are exposed to violence and we support other women around the world!