Podcast 42: Going overland with Emma: Holland to Singapore and Brazil to Canada

October 6, 2015

This week we spoke with Emma, who is one of the most adventurous overland travellers we've met so far. She had her first taste of an overland adventure at 18 when she interrailed through Europe for a month visiting an insane number of places. She decided there and then that this was going to be a life long adventure and she became a travel writer. After travelling over land from Holland to Singapore she found the next big stretch of road and went off for one year travelling from Brazil to Canada. She tells us about the most dangerous roads in the world, driving through the Atacama desert, flying over the Nazca lines, touching whales and then on to Panama.

She writes a fantastic blog at overlandtraveller.com

Emma has also written a few articles on Thelma & Louise. You can read about This fall lover has autumnal breaks on the mind, Supporting our sisters in sport! , This mother is redefining adventurous childhoods, 5 learning holidays to plan this year, 4 women who inspire us to travel, 5 Apps to help you stay in touch on the road, Social media, travel and me and 5 Hotels for a special treat.


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