Podcast 59: Don’t steal their soul with your camera and tourism

September 6, 2016
This week we speak with Rebecca from Sumak Travel about empowering local communities in South and Central America through tourism. Rebecca is passionate about her work and would like to see more responsible travellers and this doesn’t mean just respecting the environment and buying crafts to support the locals.

Rebecca's top advice for more responsible travel: "Don't do on holiday what you wouldn't do at home." People won't take pictures of children walking through London, but they won't hesitate sticking a camera in the face of a child in Peru.

She tells us about the projects that they support for economic sustainability, social and cultural respect and the environmental conservation; it's all about helping locals to create work opportunities for themselves and gain self-esteem from having people from all over the world coming to see them.

Inspired to make a difference and travel responsibly? Check out the Incredible Chile - Bolivia tour, Peru - Bolivia, Costa Rica, Columbia and Nicaragua

Podcast 58: Nora, a girl and her motorbike on a trip from Amsterdam to Bali

September 6, 2016

This week we speak to Nora, who is taking a solo trip on her motorcycle from Amsterdam to Bali. She is now halfway through her trip and we are speaking to her in Osh, Kyrgystan. She calls herself a cool motorchick, and we certainly agree she’s a girl with get up and go!

In her own words, "her trip is about woman empowerment and showing the world that not all girls worry about what is in their make-up bag when they travel, but that traveling alone as a woman is not that scary at all. Not even in Central-Asia where she currently is".


Podcast 57: “Untie the Lines” with Emma Bamford on sailing, the dream to escape and anxiety

August 30, 2016

This week we catch up with Emma Bamford. Almost 2 years ago we spoke to Emma about her first book "Casting Off" and her adventure to live with a man on a boat in Borneo that she never met before.  "Untie the Lines'" is her sequel and Emma tells us about setting sail again. This time living on a yacht in Malaysia with Guy, never quite sailing to Indonesia as planned, breaking free, anxiety, panic attacks and setting sail for more adventures from Hudson to St Lucia.

Emma is a women that has Get Up and Go, read her book and tap into her adventurous spirit.


Podcast 56: Lesley on Taking a Gap Year in her 50s and building a school in Nepal

July 18, 2016

This week we speak to Lesley, who recently returned from her 1 year Adult Gap Year with her partner. Rather than waiting for retirement they decided to put their careers on hold and go travelling! Here are some of the memorable places they've seen described by Lesley in a few words:
Tibet - A different planet!
Nepal - Nicest people in the world and pretty good scenery!
French Polynesia - better than one could imagine (size of Europe)
Patagonia - a real end of the earth wilderness
Cambodia, Vietnam - ancient cultures
New Zealand - colours and beauty
Deep South USA - charm on a grand scale
South Africa - an education with wow factor
Scandinavia - in August deep blue skies and glorious views
Some red rocks - USA (Grand Canyon and Sedona), Australia (Uluru and Kings Canyon) - Antelope Canyon -  the best in USA

Lesley also tells us about her first trip to Nepal and how after she fell in love with a little remote community in the Himalayas, she embarked on a 7 years journey to help them build a local school.


Podcast 55: Alvina on The Empowering Experience Of Solo Travel and Reasons To Go North

June 14, 2016
This week we speak to Alvina, who after separating from her husband, found the courage to travel on her own and start a new life up in the north of England. She tells us about the wonderful places you can visit in the Lake District, her childhood home, about her hikes and how she is learning to become a mountain guide.

Her first solo trip was to Rome, which she found empowering and liberating. She's never looked back! Since then she has travelled on her own to Peru, Florida, Bhutan, Nepal, completed a TEFL course in Cambodia, worked for 6 months in Vietnam, and travelled to Borneo and much of Vietnam.

You can read more about Alvina's adventures on her blog, Reasons To Go North

Podcast 54: How I’m helping rebuild Uganda

June 2, 2016

This week we speak to Ann who has done some extraordinary work in Uganda. She went to see the mountain gorillas, fell in love with the friendly people there and decided to help the locals. She educated their children and started a vocational centre, she started a charity and built Uganda Lodge, a place where people can come and do volunteer work and go on a safari.


Podcast 53: Leaving Footprints in the Clouds - 2.5 Years Around the World

May 24, 2016

This week we speak to Emma Olmi about how she fulfilled her biggest dream of travelling the world. This particular girl, who is making Footprints in the Clouds is celebrating 2 and a half years of being on the road. In her own words, Emma "quit the rat race to pursue the biggest of her dreams: to Travel the World!" She took a one way flight to Mumbai and 24 months and 24 countries later she is now looking forward to sleeping in the same bed for more than 3 nights in a row.


Podcast 52: “Travel is the gift I give to myself”

February 23, 2016

This week we speak to Jeanine, a New Yorker who after a tragic event promised herself she would go back to school and travel the world. She tells us about her first trip outside the US to Paris, how she gazed in awe at the Mona Lisa and the many other fine pieces of art in the Louvre, how she ate sandwiches sitting on steps near the Eiffel Tower, and how she walked up and down the Champs Elysees meandering in and out of its shops and restaurants. It fuelled her hunger for travel even more and she hasn't looked back. "Every breath, every moment is a gift and we can't get back the day before".

Her next trip is in spring 2016, a solo trip to Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Munich. It's fair to say that she is super excited about it. Jeanine would love to meetup with other Thelma and Louise members, so get in touch ladies.

Her motto is quite simple: "You only have one life to live here on earth, so travel as much as possible. When others ask why in the world would I travel alone? My answer is always: Travel is the gift I give to myself, and the memories and experiences will last me a lifetime".


Podcast 51: It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Luggage: Tips for Women Traveling Abroad

February 9, 2016

This week we speak to Kay about her first book called It Ain't Heavy, It's My Luggage: Tips for Older Women Traveling Abroad. Kay has travelled extensively over the last 40 years and changed her packing habits over the time. She now wants to encourage women in their 60s, 70s and over to continue to travel and one way to do this is to pack light so you can enjoy the trip.

Kay says we should embrace travel over 60s with humour. For instance, here are some of the chapter headings in her book:
You Say Potato, I Say Tomato — Choosing the right traveling companion
The Cane Mutiny — Adjusting to your physical limitations
Over the Lips and Under the Gums, Look Out Stomach Here It Comes — How to keep potential tummy problems at bay
Don't Be a "Gaffey” Duck — How to avoid making gaffes in another culture
OK, It's a Cliché, But Stop and Smell the Blooming Roses — Appreciating the simple things

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Podcast 50: How I gave up my office job to live and teach English in South East Asia

February 2, 2016

This week we speak to Louise, who has already done that thing we all said we want to do this year: she has Done Something Different. Last year Louise turned 47, which, she realised, meant that she's been working in an office for 30 long years. The thought of spending the next 20 years in an office made her sell her apartment and sign up for a teacher's course. Six months later she was living in Hanoi and teaching English to Vietnamese students.

This podcast is all about her experience, the steps she took to make life happen and how her life has changed since moving to Hanoi 6 weeks ago - she makes it sound so easy! Louise assures us that whatever you decide to do, do it with gusto and you'll not regret it.

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